Forensic pathology research is different from clinical medical research in a number of ways, perhaps most notably in that it requires different study designs. Traditionally our research has relied on case descriptions, which while interesting, limits the ability to truly address complex research questions. Our field has finally changed and modernized though – forensic pathology has entered the realm of evidence-based medicine. With the realization that “it is what it is because I say it is” is no longer acceptable or considered a safe way to practice, forensic pathologists find themselves doing quality work based on scientifically sound principles and facts.

The forensic pathologists who operate AFPi are committed to research in our field, and to promoting research amongst our colleagues.  They are also dedicated to the promotion of forensic pathology research amongst trainees and death investigator affiliates who can, and should be members of the scholarly forensic pathology community

AFPi coordinates and supports some of the research activities of its directors, and with time, it is the hope of AFPi to develop a sustainable source of research funding for trainees and scientists in our field. 

Individuals interested in learning about or collaborating with AFPi research projects should contact us at 1-888-909-7856 or

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